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Getting Out of a Rut


Feeling unmotivated? And just downright lazy? Gurl, SAME. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we find ourselves in a season of life where we’re just cruising. Life isn’t bad, but it’s not necessarily exciting either. We want to reignite our passion and get our creative juices back but were not really sure where to start. Well sister, I’m going to share some tips with you to help you get right out of that rut. 


Feed your soul. 

Many times we find ourselves lost because we’ve lost sight of our purpose. A quick fix for that is to reconnect with your spiritual side. For me, it’s starting my day by reading a daily devotional (God’s word is always a good way to start the day). But if religion isn’t your thing, that’s cool too. There are plenty of motivational materials out there, either online or in print (I prefer print because I like to highlight the parts that resonate with me the most). Pinterest is fun and free way to get your daily dose of motivation. I love searching through all the cute, motivational quotes. To get you started, you can check out my Pinterest board here


Challenge your mind. 

It’s our human nature to want to learn and experience new things. In the documentary Happy on Netflix, they talk about how important it is for us to challenge ourselves and how that relates to happiness. Which makes sense. No one feels happy when they’re doing the same thing, day in, day out. I’m not going to lie, as much as I hated homework and studying for tests during school, a part of me misses it. Because I miss learning something new and challenging myself to do better on each assignment. Post-grad life doesn’t offer the same type of stimulation as tests and quizzes (THANK GOD). But there are thousands of things you can do to build your brain power without having to worry about a score or how it might affect your final grade. Learn how to play an instrument,  pick up painting or sketching, or learn a language. Whatever gets you excited and you look forward to it each day. For me, I’ve always wanted to be fluent in a language, so I’ve been brushing up on my French with the app Duolingo. Duolingo makes learning a language SO much fun and easy. You can set goals and the app will send you reminders. I work on my French for at least 15 minutes each day. 


Nourish your body. 

It’s no secret that how we feel physically affects our energy levels and how we feel mentally. Even if you think you’re the healthiest version of yourself you can be, it’s always good to reevaluate every now and then. Ask yourself, am I drinking enough water? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I eating too many produced foods instead of natural, whole foods? Am I getting enough exercise? Do I need to cut back on the wine? (I know this girl does 🙋🏼‍). I notice such a huge difference in my energy levels, and I feel a surge of motivation when I make my health a priority. If you’re just getting started on your health journey, no need for a huge overhaul just yet. Small things can make all the difference. Drink your lemon water and cut out the soda. Take a 30 minute walk. Get those 8 hours of sleep. You’ll feel a HUGE difference. But if you’re out with your friends or The Bachelorette is on, don’t deny yourself a piece of pizza and a glass of wine. That’s just good for the soul. 


I hope these tips can help get you out of your rut and back on your grind. But always remember to be kind and gentle with yourself. Accept the fact that maybe you’ve been in a season of laziness and take the proper steps to get where you need to be. No need to beat yourself over it! It happens to the best of us! 


What do you do to help get yourself out of a rut? Let me know in the comments!





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