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4 Books That Will Leave You SHOOK


I’m a bookworm. There I said it. But to be completely honest I’m not sure how I became such an avid reader. Reading used to be one of my least fave things to do but now... I’m skipping social events to read in my bed and dragging my boyfriend to the bookstore against his will??? I don’t know who this new MC is, but I kind of like her. She seems cool. In a nerdy way.


Lately, my reading selection has been mostly books full of drama and plot twists, and some even a tad spooky. I’m not sure if this recurring genre selection is a reflection of what’s going on in my personal life, but nevertheless, these books will have you sucked in from beginning to end and some may even haunt you after you’re done.


If you’re ready to be shook, pick one of these books… (I couldn’t help myself).


My Husband’s Wife

This might be one of the wildest books I have ever read. I kept thinking to myself, “It couldn’t possibly get more messed up than this,” and then it proceeded to get MORE messed up. Like I’m talking multiple love affairs (one with criminal), major sabotage and even murder. This wild ride follows the lives of a lawyer and an artist, and a little girl next door who turns their lives upside down. 


The Hazel Wood

This is the book is for all you fantasy lovers out there (I’m looking out you Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings geeks). Weird spirits and creatures from another world send two friends on an adventure to learn more about the main character’s estranged (and very wealthy) grandma who was famous for writing frightening children’s tales. Into the Hazel Wood is a perfect mix of fantasy and creepy.

The Husband’s Secret

Another novel about someone’s husband doing something sketchy. Zero women are surprised. No offense, fellas. It’s just a very common theme in the literary world. This book took me a hot minute to figure out. It kept going back and forth between these different character’s lives who seemed to have no connection. But as I kept reading, it became clear that these characters were connected by something very dark that happened in the past. I don’t want to give anything away, but there may or may not have been a murder involved.


Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters, written by the same author as My Husband’s Wife, is hands down SPOOKY. After finishing this book, I became very concerned for the author. What dark and twisted things has she seen in her lifetime that would compel her to write such disturbing novels? Someone check-in on her and ask if she’s okay. Regardless of her mental state and the degree of horrifying her books are, once I pick one up I can’t put it down. This story follows the relationship between two sisters, one who was left severely handicap after a terrible accident during her childhood. Slowly they’ll discover what really happened to her sister, but not without some trouble (and a bit of murder) along the way.




Open up Amazon and order one, or all, of these books immediately. Binge read and let me know what you think! Curious to see how shook you are on a scale of 1-10.





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